Malenia Elden Ring

Even though there are many challenging bosses in Malenia elden ring. It is not an exaggeration to call Malenia, Blade of Miquella, the most demanding.  You can go through the whole game without ever running across her. Therefore it’s good that the battle with her is entirely voluntary.

You must go far enough in the game to reach the Mountaintops of the Kings and recover the two pieces of the Haligtree medallion from locating Malenia elden ring. With them, completing the game’s most challenging legacy dungeon is as simple as solving a puzzle and engaging in some combat.

If you’re up for the challenge or curious as to why she’s never been beaten, keep reading as we break down the process of reaching this formidable boss, and provide some helpful hints after you’ve got her.

Methods for Acquiring the Haligtree Medallion

Malenia elden ring, the Blade of Miquella, is meant to be a monster encountered at level 100 or above in the Rune system. Therefore it is only fitting that locating her requires some effort. First and foremost, you must locate all halves of the Haligtree medallion to start the Great Lift of Rold.

You can get the first half of a medallion without killing any demigods, but you’ll need to visit Leyndell, the Royal Capital, and beat Morgott to get the second half, which will let you into the Upper slopes of the Giants.

Right Haligtree Medallion of Secrets

The right side of the Haligtree Medallion is the more straightforward portion to locate. Specifically, you’ll find it in the Albinauric Village, located west of Liurnia of the Lakes. You may skirt Stormvale Castle on the cliff’s edge to reach this spot without dealing with demigods.

As you reach Liurnia of the Lakes, follow the western border of the marsh until you reach a hill that will take you to the town. If you climb the hill to the desolate settlement, you’ll arrive at the albino community’s stoic heart.

A Hateful Perfumer with a flute will be performing before the grace. You can get away from it, but if you need to fight it, remember that Perfumers may fortify themselves. If you avoid the enemy and make it to the rope bridge, don’t cross it; instead, go straight towards the cemetery to investigate a suspicious-looking pot. Keep bashing the pot until the NPC is in hiding. Albus arrives and begs to live. You only have to talk to him until he hands up the other half of Haligtree’s Secret Medallion.

Remember that an NPC will try to force its way in after you’ve obtained the Medallion and returned the Round Table Hold.

Forgotten Medallion of Haligtree, Left

You must go to the Mountain of Giants to get the left half of the Medallion. The steps to reach this point are briefly described here.

  • Win the fight against any two demigods, and use their runes in their towers.
  • Go to Leyndell and head towards the city’s main gate.
  • Take down the boss sentinel dragon guarding the entrance.
  • You’ll need to traverse the city, ascend the dragon, and get through Godfrey, the First Elden Lord Golden Ghost, before you can take on and kill Morgott, the Omen King, and get access to the Erd Tree and claim your Rold Medallion reward.
  • Take Grad Lift of Rold up to the Hilltop of Giants, and then return via the city to lift to the Forbidden Lands.

If you’re on the summit of the Mountain of Giants, you’ll need to make your way to Castle Sol to obtain the second half of the Medallion. The path is simple; go north until you reach a valley inhabited by Golems. If you’re starting from the Valley, go west until you hit an incline that will carry you up, then head north till you see lightning. A Walking Mausoleum, conveniently located adjacent to the Castle Sol Main Gate, may be seen and heard during the flash of lightning.

Among Castle Sol’s Many Formidable Foes Are:

  • Spectral Castle Guard
  • Slug
  • Spectral Banished Knight
  • Bladed Talon Eagle
  • Wolf
  • Lion Guardian

In contrast, if you’re fast enough, you may sprint right through the castle’s center and reach the interior’s pinnacle of elegance. Exiting the main entrance, you can reach the wooden path that leads east from the main gate. The building to the north has a walkway connecting it to the walkway to the east. Therefore, you should go there.

Keep an eye out for guards who could teleport in as you ascend the wooden steps on the left. Next, go south to the Church of both the Eclipse, where it may find a Place of Grace.

Achieving Victory against Commander Niall

In addition to being joined by two Spectral Banished Knights, Commander Niall is one of the most challenging monsters in the region. You’ll have to deal with knights initially, but if you own any beguiling branches, you may use them to turn the tables on them.

When the knights are defeated, Niall will launch frontal attacks. Using a spirit summon to divert his focus away from you may be helpful in this encounter, but be wary that many of his strikes have a wide area of effect. In Niall’s arena, It may access the Site of Grace by defeating him, and It can find the second half of the Haligtree Hidden Medallion in a box in the northeast tower.

Consecrated Snowfield

  • After finishing the Medallion, go back to the Grand Lift Rold.
  • Upon arrival, you will be given the order to raise the hidden Medallion.
  • It may reach the region of the Consecrated Snowfield by using the lift.
  • The viability of this area could be better, so you’ll want to watch out for hostiles as you make your way across the region. There are also some invading NPCs to contend with.

Your destination, Ordina Liturgical Town, is located to the north.  You must activate an eternal replica of the city to begin the problem. In this case, you’ll need to find four different candles throughout the town and light them.

Haligtree of Miquella

  • When entering Miquella, you will be high up in the Haligtree canopy.
  • To reach Malenia, one must go deep into its origins.
  • The greatest danger in the canopy is falling since the branches aren’t expansive, and a fall would be fatal unless you landed on a lower limb, which is exceedingly unlikely.
  • And there are also a few crimson rot blossoms here and there.

The Oracle Envoys are a formidable foe that can fool even the most seasoned warriors.

Elphael, the Haligtree’s Supporting Brace

Going on, the hordes of foes you’ll face will pose the greatest danger. The Haligtree troops beyond the outer wall are the minor challenging enemies you’ll encounter. They battle similarly to the other ordinary soldiers but are more muscular. When assaulted by a group, they may unleash devastating strikes and prove to be a real problem to put down.

Malenia Cutter of Miquella Boss Battle Tips

It’s not simple to defeat Malenia elden ring; you’ll probably perish on your first try since she’ll rush you with a grab strike that will instantly kill you.

First Phase

Malenia elden ring will begin farther away from the entrance after your first try. It is a perfect moment to prepare buffs or long-range strikes. It will restore her health if she takes damage, therefore avoiding taking hits from her strikes entirely. Her thrust assault and duck dance are perilous.

You won’t have any problem avoiding the thrust, but the duck dance might get you in hot water. You can tell if she is going to do it because she will leap up and down. If she runs away from you the first two times, roll towards her as she prepares to strike for the third time. Getting the timing right might need a few tries? If you’re having trouble battling Malenia, remember that significant strikes and the freezing pot might cause her to wobble. Remember that spirit summons cure her when she reaches phase 2. Thus it may be wise to save them until then.

Second Phase

At this time, she assumes the role of the goddess of rot, and she will begin with the terrible Scarlet Aeonia, which will not only sap your strength but also inflict crime. You still have to look out for that leap attack, but other than that, the attacks remain the same.

Final Thoughts

The fight against Malenia is complex, and it is one of the few times when calling upon the aid of a spirit summon won’t have a significant impact. If you’re interested in taking on this optional boss, you’ll need to collect the medallions, go through the Consecrated Snowfield, then descend the Haligtree to reach her at the tree’s base.

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