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A significant disagreement among gta 5 mods players is the game’s vehicle control. Some players find the game’s rules and driving style satisfying, while others find them overly arcade-like. Yet, this feature has remained popular with fans since it has one of the series’ most refined control schemes. But, as the human mind can never be fully satiated, gamers always search for new and better methods to control their vehicles. The Grand Theft Auto 5 mod community is also quite active, and they’ve made various tweaks to suit different play styles.

This article lists the top five upgrades available in 2023 for enhancing vehicle control. Consider that the views expressed here are entirely those of the author. All of the add-ons for gta 5 mods are available there.

Top 5 GTA 5 Driving Modifications for Realism

GTA 4 handling

Grand Theft Auto 4’s car handling has fans, like it or not. The game’s realistic driving mechanics immerse them. GTA 5 is less player- and situation-friendly than Grand Theft Auto 4. Ethicat’s patch adjusts 200 cars’ handling if you want to relive it. It affects vehicle weight, the center of mass, speed, braking, traction, suspension, damage, and more. It involves aircraft and helicopter flying. Grand Theft Auto 4’s driving and gta 5 mods visuals may be played together.

Downloadable Cars with Realistic Damage and More Significant Distortion

The deformations that may occur to vehicles in GTA 5 have also been simplified. But, if actual vehicle damage could also be included, it would be the frosting on the cake. Modder Wolvex(R) developed a patch to increase the fidelity of vehicle damage in the game. To appreciate the full scope of the mod, players may take a car to the peak of a mountain and jump over the edge.

Very Comprehensive Bundle for Realistic Drift Control

You can slide through both curved and abrupt curves with relative ease, but your car will either oversteer or understeer when it comes to professional drifting.

The issue has been patched by modder AS MLO, who has made it possible for the game’s most excellent drift vehicles to be used for lengthy sliding. This modification enables players to drift in a straight path and in the open world.

Actual full speed and acceleration for all cars

Rockstar Games have significantly altered the driving controls in gta 5 mods. There are a lot of fast vehicles in the game, but their peak speeds have been drastically lowered, and the acceleration doesn’t make it seem like you’re going very fast.

Acceleration in the Game Comet S2 and Progen T20 are faithful recreations of their real-world counterparts. And it’ll go far faster than the game’s designers intended.

Drive V

The Drive V patch addresses the game’s driving-related problems in a single location. Developer Permission To Land, who has been in the game for over five years, has released a patch that consolidates many automobile improvements into a single update.

The highlights of the mod are many, but some of the most notable include the reduction in maximum speed, the deformation of vehicle cabins, the rise in body roll, the removal of downforce from all vehicles save supercars, and so on.

Simple Zombies

Use the Simple Zombies mod to transform the city of Los Santos into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. A metropolis that typically had hundreds of pedestrians is now home to thousands of brain-hungry zombies. The mod doesn’t simply add zombies; it also introduces the need to control your hunger, sleep, and health to survive.

Vehicle Cannon 2.0

This mod takes the already insane Los Santos setting and turns it to eleven. Forget bullets—in Vehicle Cannon 2.0, gamers may fire off whole cars instead. That’s precisely how weird it is, so don’t feel bad if it seems absurd to you. The Vehicle Canon is fun to play with while racing about, but it shouldn’t be fired in a small area.

Bodyguard Menu

To avoid failure, it’s best to work with others. This bodyguard add-on allows you to summon several NPCs to act as your guard and help you in any way they can. They will do as you say or at least stand in formation like they mean business if you tell them to. Raising an army just after getting a 4-star response from the police may lead to a genuine uprising.

Fuel Script V

Rockstar avoided simulating the Vehicle’s petrol gauge because it would compromise the game’s realism. Fuel Script V, the “first fuel mod for the game,” implements gas meters into all playable vehicles. Fill up at petrol stations before starting on a long journey since your car will stop if you run out of gas, much as in real life.

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