Elden Ring Weapons

What are the top weapons to use for maximum effectiveness in Elden Ring? There is no easy solution to this crucial problem. There is a wide variety of weaponry in Elden Ring Map, each with its own set of pros and cons that make it suitable for use in various setups and scenarios. Below, we have updated our previous guide to the finest Elden Ring weapons for the most recent patch, version 1.04.

We’ll show you where to locate 24 of the game’s greatest weapons and explain how to use them.

The Best Weapons in Elden Ring

The weapons in Elden Ring are very intricate creations. Weapons vary in attack speed, attack type, range, status effects, skills, and more, and they inflict distinct kinds of damage and scale with different qualities. To help you out, we’ve broken out the 24 greatest weapons in the game into convenient categories like “best early game weapons,” “best strength weapons,” “best bleed weapons,” and so on. However, some of these weapons are so destructive that they defy classification. As a preamble to our main discussion, I will now provide my picks for the top Elden Ring weaponry.

As for Elden Ring’s finest arms, they are:

  1. Rivers Of Blood
  2. Sacred Relic Sword
  3. Sword Of Night And Flame
  4. Moon veil
  5. Bloodhound’s Fang

Let’s dive further into these and other top-tier weaponry available from the Elden Ring.

Top-tier Primitive Arms for Elden Ring

Though it’s a dagger, Reduvia is one of the greatest weapons in the game due to its special feature, which allows you to unleash powerful ranged bleed assaults.

  • Type: Dagger (Unique)
  • Weight: 2.5
  • Requirements: 5 Str, 13 Arc, 13 Dex,
  • Damage Type: Pierce, Slash
  • Passive: Bleed (50)
  • Unique Skill: Slash with the evil dagger, and it’s never-drying bloodstains will become flying blood blades that will inflict massive bleeding wherever they land. Shots may be released quickly, one after another.

Daggers, like Reduvia, may do a lot of damage quickly, making them ideal for rapidly stacking bleed effects. It may not have the range of other weapons, but the Reduvia Blood Blade talent makes up for it. This talent costs little FP and may be repeated to great effect, giving you a potent mid-range weapon that retains its usefulness far into the late game.

Where to Find Reduvia and How to obtain it

Defeat Bloody Finger Nerijus outside of Murkwater Cave in Limgrave to get Reduvia. The first time you reach the cave’s entrance from the river, Nerijus will send Reduvia to attack you. If you defeat him, you can take possession of the powerful sword.


Even though it is the weakest of the three katanas in Elden Ring Weapons, the Uchigatana is nevertheless a formidable weapon in its way. Many players in the Elden Ring now go for this Blade as their first option in the early game.

  • Type: Katana
  • Weight: 5.5
  • Requirements: 15 Dex, 11 Str
  • Damage Type: Pierce, Slash
  • Passive: Bleed (45)
  • Default Skill: The ability of swordsmen from the Land of Reeds to draw their blades. Retract the Blade and carry it calmly at your hip. Then, with another regular or powerful assault, slice quickly over the enemy’s body.

Don’t be fooled by its unassuming appearance; the Uchigatana is a powerful and adaptable weapon that can be used confidently from the beginning of the game up to Malenia, Blade of Miquella, and beyond. You may tailor it to your playstyle with its long-range, pleasant bleed effect, cheap prerequisites, good scaling, and compatibility with the vast majority of Ashes of War attachments. Why wouldn’t you enjoy it?

The Uchigatana May be Obtained in the Following Ways

Lucky Samurai receive the Uchigatana as their first Blade, but you may still get one even if you don’t start as one. In northern Limgrave, you’ll find the Deathtouched Catacombs. About halfway through this little dungeon, you’ll come upon a chamber with a raised platform from which skeleton archer’s fire down at you. Proceed farther into the Catacombs, and you’ll come to this raised platform. Do away with the skeletons and then rob the corpse dangling from the edge of the stage. This dead body has an Uchigatana on it.

Great Epee

The Great Epee is a powerful early-game thrusting sword with tremendous reach and a flexible move set that excels in one-on-one and group combat.

  • Type: Heavy Thrusting Sword
  • Weight: 6.5
  • Requirements: 15 Dex, 11 Str
  • Damage Type: Pierce, Slash
  • Default Skill: This ability allows piercing weapons to penetrate opponent shielding. Gather strength and launch yourself forward in a powerful lunge that cuts through an opponent’s defenses.

When it comes to Elden Ring’s Heavy Thrusting Swords, the Great Epee is the oldest of the bunch. These swords are known for their devastating long-range thrust assaults. It has a powerful punch, and its light strikes are remarkably deft for a weapon of its bulk. When the Great Epee has reached max level, it can compete with any boss in the game, much like the Uchigatana.

Find Out How To Get the Great Epee By Reading On!

There is a camp where you may find the Great Epee just northeast of the Forlorn Hound Evergaol at the base of Limgrave. Some mercenaries have set up tents next to some ruins. After defeating them, you may get the Great Epee from the chest under the rightmost tent.

Weapons of Elden Ring’s Greatest Strength

The Crozier of Hell for a Prelate

The Prelate’s Ember Crozier, a massive blazing nail that can send fewer enemies flying through the air, has high-grade requirements.

  • Type: Colossal Weapon
  • Weight: 23.5
  • Requirements: 15 Dex, 11 Str
  • Damage Type: Pierce, Slash
  • Unique Skill: The Prelate’s Charge entails slamming weapons into the ground to create a burst of flames and then charging in. Keep holding to keep charging.

Like other weapons of its kind in Elden Ring, the Prelate’s Inferno Crozier is very sluggish to handle for its level of power. However, it does great damage and can easily shatter the stances of even the largest of adversaries with its powerful blows. The Prelate also has a fun ability called Charge, which involves leading a blazing charge at (and through) an adversary and finishing with a thunderous uppercut punch.

Obtaining the Prelate’s Crozier from the Gates of Hell

To get his Inferno Crozier, one must conquer the Fire Prelate inside Fort Laiedd on the western shore of Mt. Gelmir. Flame Chariots and other opponents protect the fort’s exterior, but you may easily dodge them and enter the fort to face off against the Prelate without any help.

Brick Hammer

The Brick Hammer, like the Prelate’s Inferno Crozier, is a very powerful hammer that may be obtained early in the game.

  • Type: Great Hammer
  • Weight: 12.5
  • Requirements: 31 Str
  • Damage Type: Strike
  • Default Skill: Release a ferocious roar to inspire your fellow fighters and give your attacks an extra amount of damage. While this effect is active, powerful hits transform into brutal combos.

The Brick Hammer, when completely leveled, is one of the few weapons in the game that may attain an S-Tier strength scaling grade, allowing it to compete with the Crozier despite the latter’s greater base damage.

Methods for Obtaining a Brick Hammer

Located in Limgrave’s Stormveil Castle is the Brick Hammer.

Gain access to the chamber containing the Banished Knight by retrieving the Rusty Key and using it on the door that can be seen from outside the room. Proceed up the ladder and turn right at the top. Just keep going until you reach the end of the platform, where a body hangs precariously over the edge. Take the Brick Hammer from within.

Grafted Blade Greatsword

One of Elden Ring’s nine Legendary Armaments is a great word with a Grafted Blade. It’s a great word with the power to increase its user’s attributes at command.

  • Type: Colossal Sword (Unique)
  • Weight: 21
  • Requirements: 14 Dex, 40 Str
  • Damage Type: Standard
  • Unique Skill: Swear an oath upon the Greatsword to avenge the clan, causing all qualities to increase momentarily. When the oath is in effect, it also boosts poise.

It’s possible that the Grafted Blade Greatsword is the least difficult of the Legendary Armaments to acquire, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less formidable. This sword’s elemental damage was increased in patch 1.04, making its sluggish, sweeping attacks capable of inflicting devastating amounts of damage. It has a high chance of shocking bosses and talent that, for a brief period, functions like a mini-Godrick Great Rune, increasing all attributes.

Instructions for Acquiring the Grafted Blade Greatsword

One might claim the Grafted Blade Greatsword by defeating Leonine Misbegotten, the leader of Castle Morne on the Weeping Peninsula south of Limgrave. Importantly, Irina and Edgar are on a journey involving this weapon. As long as the Leonine Misbegotten controls the Grafted Blade Greatsword, Edgar has no intention of leaving Castle Morne.

After you beat the boss, the Greatsword will remain yours; Edgar won’t steal it from you.


The Broadsword is one of the greatest strength-scaling weapons in Elden Ring, despite its somewhat unremarkable appearance and name. It’s lightning-fast, powerful, and has extremely useful Square Off talent.

  • Type: Straight Sword
  • Weight: 4
  • Requirements: 10 Dex, 10 Str
  • Damage Type: Pierce, Standard
  • Default Skill: The initial position for this talent is to hold the Blade at even 45 degrees. Use a powerful attack to conduct a running thrust or a standard strike to slash upward past the enemy’s defense.

If you have doubts, give the Broadsword a go. It’s a good all-around weapon that can be used in various builds and has no real drawbacks. It’s a lot like the Uchigatana in terms of raw power but with the added utility of the Square Off skill, which has become a mainstay in both PvE and PvP due to its fast, powerful, and far-reaching assaults.

To Get The Broadsword, One Must

If you want a head start on the game, you may buy the Broadsword from the Nomadic Merchant at the Coastal Cave on the western shore of Limgrave. The Broadsword, one of the game’s strongest weapons, can be purchased for only 1,800 Runes.

Most useful Skill weapons in Elden Ring

Bloodhound’s Fang

This curved Greatsword, Bloodhound’s Fang, does much damage despite its tendency to scale with skill. Bloodhound’s Finesse, another of its outstanding abilities, is great for inflicting significant damage to adversaries without risking your life.

  • Type: Curved Greatsword (Unique)
  • Weight: 11.5
  • Requirements: 18 Str, 17 Dex
  • Damage Type: Slash
  • Passive: Bleed (55)
  • Unique Skill: Bloodhound’s Finesse entails utilizing the Bloodhound’s Fang to slash high, then using the forward momentum of the attack to flip backward and get some space from your opponents. The Bloodhund’s Step is an assault that requires a powerful follow-up.

There is a great deal to recommend Bloodhound’s Fang.Not only does it have a remarkable amount of damage for its size, but it also has a surprising amount of range, and it can bleed with an attack set that isn’t quite as sluggish as you’d think from a weapon of its size. Since it is a Limgrave weapon that can be easily carried until the end of the game, this weapon may have been included in the top early-game weapons list.

To Get Bloodhound’s Fang, do the following

In the Forlorn Hound Evergaol to the south of Limgrave, Bloodhound Knight Darriwil has the Bloodhound’s Fang. Just north of the bridge that connects Limgrave and the Weeping Peninsula is where you’ll find the Evergaol. Get the Bloodhound’s Fang greatsword by vanquishing Darriwil.

Godskin Peeler

The Godskin Apostles’ preferred weapon, the Godskin Peeler, is a wicked-looking twin blade that is quick, lethal, and capable of conjuring devastating black flame strikes.

  • Type: Twinblade
  • Weight: 8
  • Requirements: 17 Str, 22 Dex
  • Damage Type:  Pierce, Standard
  • Default Skill: With a spin of the weapon above and a dive into the earth, you may conjure a whirling vortex of black flames. While holding, spin the weapon to generate an initial flame tornado.

The Godskin Peeler is powerful because of its fast speed, reach, and excellent Dexterity scaling. Plus, the Black Flame Tornado skill makes you appear like a total badass whenever you want.

If you so want, you may use this weapon far into the game’s final stages.

Steps to Get a Godskin Peeler

The Godskin Peeler may be obtained by traveling to the Windmill Village, located far north of the Altus Plateau. You’ll encounter a Godskin Apostle boss wielding this weapon above the hill where the settlement is located. You may take the Godskin Peeler for yourself if you defeat the Apostle.

Hand of Malenia

Despite its rarity, the Hand of Malenia is one of the game’s most potent dexterity weapons and is required to utilize Malenia’s deadly Waterfowl Dance special strike.

  • Type: Katana (Unique)
  • Weight: 7
  • Requirements: 48 Dex, 16 Str
  • Damage Type: Slash, Pierce
  • Passive: Bleed (50)
  • Unique Skill: You may unleash a rapid and beautiful slashing combination by mimicking a waterfowl’s dance, which consists of a sequence of one-footed jumps. A maximum of two further attacks may be launched once the same input is repeated.

As with most katanas, the Hand Of Malenia has excellent dexterity scaling, great reach, and a balance between damage and attack speed. The Waterfowl Dance skill allows users to unleash a long flurry of fast attacks, synergizing perfectly with the Blade’s passive bleed effect.

To Get Malenia’s Favor:

After vanquishing Malenia, you’ll gain the Memory of the Rot Queen, from which you may harvest The Hand of Malenia. Take the Remembrance to Enia at the Roundtable Hold, and you’ll be able to use up the Remembrance to receive the Hand of Malenia.


The Nagakiba is comparable to the Uchigatana in design, but it has a longer reach, like the Hand of Malenia.

  • Type: Katana
  • Weight: 7
  • Requirements: 22 Dex, 18 Str,
  • Damage Type: Pierce, Slash
  • Passive: Bleed (45)
  • Default Skill: The Bloody Finger Hunter Yura’s piercing fang is one of her many skills. Keep your Blade horizontal as you launch into a forceful, unstoppable drive.

The Nagakiba needs little introduction; it’s a great katana ideal for an elegant protagonist.

The default Ash of War talent, Piercing Fang, is useful for breaking through your enemies’ defenses, but you are free to choose any other skill you wish.

Methods for Obtaining the Nagakiba

Yura, Bloody Finger Hunter, favors the Nagakiba. He may be eliminated in his camp north of Murkwater Cave, or his quest chain can be followed to the Second Church of Marika on the Altus Plateau. You’ll be able to engage in conversation with him and get the Nagakiba.

The Best Trust Weapons in Elden Ring

Blasphemous Blade

Due to its incredible power, the Blasphemous Blade greatsword has inspired a certain class of players to specialize in what is now known as Blasphemous Blade builds.

  • Type: Greatsword (Unique)
  • Weight: 13.5
  • Requirements: 22 Str, 21 Fai, 15 Dex
  • Damage Type: Pierce, Standard
  • Unique Skill: Raise the holy Blade in the air and light it on fire with blasphemous flames; then, bring it back down and unleash a forward blast. Those who come in contact with the flames lose health.

It’s rare to find a weapon that does fire damage automatically, but the Blasphemous Blade is one of them. The Taker’s Flames ability may quickly deplete an opponent’s health bar from a safe distance, making this formidable Greatsword even more powerful than it already is.

Here’s How to Get the Blasphemous Sword

Defeating Ruler Rykard, the lord of Volcano Manor on Mt. Gelmir is required to gain the Blasphemous Blade. Return to Enia in the Roundtable Hold with the Remembrance of the Blasphemous to get access to the famed Blasphemous Blade.

Nightblade: A Says Sword Of Flame And Night

The Sword of Night and Flame is another popular building material since it is a powerful magical relic that can be utilized to unleash two very effective spells.

  • Type: Straight Sword (Unique)
  • Weight: 4
  • Requirements: 12 Str, 24 Int, 12 Dex, 24 Fai
  • Damage Type: Pierce, Standard
  • Unique Skill: Night-And-Flame Stance – Hold the sword level and prepare to cast sorcery. A powerful attack followed by a regular attack will cause the Comet Azur sorcery to be cast, or the strong strike will cause a burst of flames to be swept forward.

One of these famous weapons is the Sword of Night and Flame, which, like the Grafted Blade Greatsword, is renowned for its devastating effectiveness against a wide variety of foes thanks to its ability to inflict damage by physical means, magical means, and fire. In reality, however, the Sword’s true worth lies in its Night-And-Flame Stance talent, which allows the user to unleash the very potent Comet Azur sorcery spell at any time, melting adversaries even in late-game places.

Instructions for Obtaining the Night and Flame Sword

It’s not too difficult to find the Sword of Night and Flame stashed away in a secret chamber of Caria Manor. Once you’ve reached the Manor’s Lower Level Grace, continue along the rooftops that overlook the gardens. Jump from the left side of the walkway onto the rooftop below after taking the first left and the right turn. You can access a private area if you go to the next rooftop and down the ladder there. The Sword of Night and Flame may be yours if you open the chest in this area.

Sacred Relic Sword

The Sacred Relic Sword’s special ability is among the most powerful swords in Elden Ring. Unfortunately, you can’t get it until you defeat the game’s last boss.

  • Type: Greatsword (Unique)
  • Weight: 11
  • Requirements: 14 Dex, 14 Str, 22 Fai
  • Damage Type: Pierce, Standard
  • Unique Skill: Send a wave of golden splendor from the Sword toward your enemies. A broad, golden wave surges ahead, obliterating everybody in its path.

With its impressive length and mighty strikes that inflict holy and physical damage, the Sacred Relic Sword is a formidable great sword. The Wave of Gold ability is the weapon’s true strength, blasting a massive wave of light that causes massive damage in a broad area in front of you. Patch 1.04 improved it by decreasing its FP cost and speeding up its cast and recovery times.

Finding the Sacred Relic Sword

You may receive the Sacred Relic Sword by exchanging the Elden Remembrance with Enia in the Roundtable Hold. As a reward for conquering Radagon and the Elden Beast, the final bosses of Elden Ring Weapons, players will be granted the Elden Remembrance.

Black Knife

The Black Knife is a swift and deadly blade capable of inflicting holy damage and launching projectiles that temporarily lower the target’s maximum HP.

  • Type: Dagger (Unique)
  • Weight: 2
  • Requirements: 8 Str, 18 Fai, 12 Dex
  • Damage Type: Pierce, Slash
  • Unique Skill: With the Blade of Death, you may unleash the Rune of Death’s destructive energy to hurl a deadly blade at your target. The Blade’s effect on the enemy’s maximal HP and the continued depletion of HP after first damage are both significant.

The Black Knife is a good alternative to the Blade due to its speed and its ability to discharge mid-range projectiles to make up for the Blade’s lackluster range. Black Knife, on the other hand, does holy damage instead of bleeding, and its projectiles burn away the target’s health for a period while also momentarily reducing their maximum HP.

Steps to Acquiring the Black Knife

The Black Knife is the trademark weapon of the Altus Plateau’s resident Black Knife Assassin.

The Black Knife may be won by traveling to the Sainted Hero’s Grave’s entrance and defeating the Assassin waiting for you there.

Most Useful Bleed Weapons in Elden Ring

Rivers Of Blood

The Rivers Of Blood katana is now the most powerful Blade in Elden Ring Weapons.

  • Type: Katana (Unique)
  • Weight: 6.5
  • Requirements: 12 Str, 20 Arc, 18 Dex
  • Damage Type: Pierce, Slash
  • Passive: Bleed (30)
  • Unique Skill: Makes a sword out of cursed blood for slashing, stabbing, and repeatedly. Add more data to the mix and launch another round of assaults.

If you take an Uchigatana, give it a talent that lets you unleash so many strikes in a short period that you can inflict blood loss on practically any adversary instantaneously, you obtain Rivers Of Blood. The fact that this weapon may stop many conflicts before they ever begin makes it a true boss killer and a highly popular weapon in PvP.

Learn the Steps to Get Rivers Of Blood

If you want Rivers of Blood, you’ll have to go to the Mountaintops of the Giants and kill Bloody Finger Okina when he invades your world near the Church of Repose in the east.

Ghiza’s Wheel

Though it may seem like a joke, Ghiza’s Wheel is one of the most effective bleed weapons because its Spinning Wheel skill mimics a chainsaw.

  • Type: Colossal Weapon (Unique)
  • Weight: 19
  • Requirements: 18 Dex, 28 Str
  • Damage Type: Standard
  • Passive: Bleed (70)
  • Unique Skill: Spin the Wheel by slamming it down hard to get it up to peak speed. Keep your finger on the button to keep the wheel turning. The weapon may be pushed against foes while the user is on the go.

Since Ghiza’s Wheel is so massive, it is not a very maneuverable weapon, and so it causes a great deal of bleeding with each strike. With the Spinning Wheel talent, however, you may crank the wheel up like a chainsaw, enabling you to walk straight into an adversary while it is spinning at full speed. When this spinning wheel strikes an enemy, they will almost immediately begin to bleed to death.

The path to obtaining Ghiza’s Wheel

As Inquisitor Ghiza, a human boss, invades your world in the Volcano Manor dining hall, he will drop Ghiza’s Wheel.

From the chamber where Lady Tanith and the Volcano Manor grace site may be found, you can easily access this hall by ascending the stairs.

Eleonora’s Poleblade

You can’t find a more fashionable bleed weapon than Eleonora’s Poleblade. Its rapid succession of blows makes it a potent instrument of blood.

  • Type: Twinblade (Unique)
  • Weight: 6
  • Requirements: 12 Str, 19 Arc, 21 Dex
  • Damage Type: Pierce, Standard
  • Passive: Bleed (33)
  • Unique Skill: Jump at your enemy and unleash a whirlwind of blood-slicing blows with the Bloodblade Dance. Add a second command to execute an attack that transitions into a dodging move.

Like other Twin blades, Eleonora’s Poleblade relies on the user’s skill to make rapid assaults, much like a dagger but with more range. Blood blade Dance, which can be learned on Eleonora’s Poleblade, allows you to unleash “a flurry of tornado-like assaults,” which builds on the weapon’s inherent ability to cause bleeding with each hit. When used on an enemy, this weapon will immediately cause bleeding if they are vulnerable to it.

Steps to Acquiring Eleonora’s Poleblade

To get Eleonora’s Poleblade, one must conquer Eleonora in the Second Church of Marika on the Altus Plateau. You won’t have to worry about her invading your world until you’ve helped Yura complete his mission and spoken to him after defeating the Ravenmount Assassin at the Raya Lucaria Academy. When you’ve done everything, go to the Second Church of Marika and look for Yura. Eleonora will invade after you chat with him, and if you can fight her, you may steal her Poleblade.

The Best-Spying Weapons in Elden Ring

Dark Moon Greatsword

The Dark Moon Greatsword does magic damage and may unleash waves of moonlight on the wielder’s enemies, making it the logical successor to the renowned Moonlight Greatsword from the Souls series.

  • Type: Greatsword (Unique)
  • Weight: 10
  • Requirements: 11 Dex, 16 Str, 38 Int
  • Damage Type: Pierce, Standard
  • Passive: Frostbite (55)
  • Unique Skill: Raise the Sword into the air so that the moon’s light illuminates it, and you have created a moonlight greatsword. Blade’s magic attack strength is temporarily increased and infused with a frosty aura. Blasts of moonlight are released from charged assaults.

Despite the high intellect needed to use the Dark Moon Greatsword, the benefit is worth the effort to achieve. The Great sword is formidable, dealing with natural magic damage and frostbite with every swing. However, the real value lies in the Moonlight Greatsword skill, which acts somewhat like an improved version of Reduvia’s skill, unleashing a powerful, damaging wave that can hit from surprising distances and inflict severe frost buildup.

To Acquire the Dark Moon Greatsword, One Must

If you’re interested in obtaining the Dark Moon Greatsword as a reward for finishing Ranni’s quest in Elden Ring Weapons, then you should check out our walkthrough for that particular quest chain. You may get the Greatsword from the Cathedral of Manus Celes once you’ve completed the Moonlight Altar.

Wing of Astel

The Wing of Astel is a very potent intelligence-scaling weapon, capable of devastating groups of foes with a single use of its special ability, which involves launching waves of light across short distances.

  • Type: Curved Sword (Unique)
  • Weight: 2.5
  • Requirements: 7 Str, 20 Int, 17 Dex,
  • Damage Type: Slash
  • Unique Skill: Nebula: Infuse the stars of the Naturalborn with magic and launch an all-out attack. After this assault, a dense cloud of stars remains before erupting.

Nebula, a talent associated with this curved Sword, is associated with another weapon with similar roots: the Bastard’s Stars flail. Although the Blade’s hefty assaults are effective, we favor Wing of Astel due to the weapon’s surprising range, made possible by releasing little waves of light. It’s a great tool for any system that relies heavily on intelligence.

Ways to Acquire Wing Of Astel

Visit the Uhl Palace Ruins in the Ainsel River’s underground system to get Wing Of Astel.

You can go to Ainsel River by using the teleporter in Renna’s Rise, which is located behind Caria Manor (you’ll need to swear allegiance to Ranni to use it).

Then continue southward through the remains and into the tunnel. Just over the bend to the left is a cliff with a statue of a man holding a scythe in a T pose. Go around the statue to the right, and you’ll come to a platform with a chest on it. The Malformed Star adversary protecting this location may sometimes hurl pebbles at you, so you’ll want to deal with it first. Kill the monster with a ranged attack, then open the chest to get the Wing of Astel.


Moonveil, a strong blade, is similar to a katana version of Wing of Astel, except that it also bleeds its targets and does massive damage with long flung waves of light.

  • Type: Katana (Unique)
  • Weight: 6.5
  • Requirements: 12 Str, 18 Dex, 23 Int
  • Damage Type: Pierce, Slash
  • Passive: Bleed (50)
  • Unique Skill: In the fleeting moonlight, sheathe your Sword and stand tall with it at your hip. Continue with a regular or powerful assault to rapidly draw the Blade and launch an instant slash. An optical wave is released from both assaults.

Outside of that, it’s simple to see how both weapons flourish; their respective user bases have access to good, user-friendly ranged assaults that can rip through adversaries relatively easily.

To Get Moonveil, Do the Following

When the Magma Wyrm in the Gael Tunnel is vanquished, Moonveil is dropped as a prize. It’s shockingly simple to get your hands on such a powerful weapon, given that this dungeon is located right on the boundary between Limgrave and the Caelid Wilds. Of course, you won’t be able to do that until you can first vanquish the Magma Wyrm.

The Most Useful Arcane Weapons in Elden Ring

Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear

As a Great Spear, Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear has long-range fire damage and a devastating area-of-effect ability that inflicts progressive bleed attacks on all-around opponents over time.

  • Type: Great Spear (Unique)
  • Weight: 10
  • Requirements: 24 Str, 27 Arc, 14 Dex,
  • Damage Type: Pierce
  • Passive: Bleed (73)
  • Unique Skill: Raising the Bloodboon ritually means piercing the Formless Mother with the holy spear. Inflict up to three stab wounds and watch the blood spurt out in all directions. Using this talent, a temporary coating of red flame will be applied to the weapon.

The long reach and high damage output of the Great Forks in Elden Ring Classes make them all lethal weapons, but Mohgwyn’s Holy Spear is in a league of its own. It scales very well with your Arcane stat, and the one-of-a-kind Bloodboon Ritual talent may wreak havoc on groups of foes if you can masterfully channel it.

Methods for Acquiring Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear

Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear may be obtained by trading the Memory of the Blood Lord with Enia in the Roundtable Hold after defeating Mohg, Lord of Blood, in his underground castle. It’s a large task, but it’s not as daunting as some others on this list… I’m coming at you, Hands of Malenia.

Marais Executioner’s Sword

The Marais Executioner Blade, with its devastating corkscrew strike, is a great choice for late-game Elden Ring if you’re looking for a weapon centered on a strength that also uses a high Arcane stat.

  • Type: Greatsword (Unique)
  • Weight: 11.5
  • Requirements: 24 Str, 14 Dex, 23 Arc
  • Damage Type: Pierce, Standard
  • Unique Skill: Infuse the Sword with power and launch it forward in a corkscrew motion to perform Eochaid’s Dancing Blade. As it whirls wildly, the Sword does harm incessantly. You may extend the range and duration of the spin by charging the attack.

A legendary weapon in the hands of the Bell Bearing Hunter, the Greatsword’s greatest power is Eochaid’s Dancing Blade. This attack requires time to charge before pushing the Sword forward in a corkscrew motion that causes continuous damage. In patch 1.04, Eochaid’s Dancing Blade gained increased range and could be canceled early, making it easier to escape potentially risky situations caused by mistiming or misplacing the strike.

The Marais Executioner’s Sword May be Obtained as Follows

The Marais Executioner’s Sword may be won by defeating the Shaded Castle’s primary boss, Elemer of the Briar (also known as the Bell Bearing Hunter), in the northern part of the Altus Plateau. The moment he dies, he will throw this Sword away.

Regalia Of Eochaid

In the body, a shorter version of the Marais Executioner’s Weapon, the Regalia Of Eochaid sword is ideal for people who choose not to prioritize strength in their character development.

  • Type: Straight Sword (Unique)
  • Weight: 5.5
  • Requirements: 12 Str, 15 Arc, 18 Dex
  • Damage Type: Standard, Pierce
  • Unique Skill: Infuse the Sword with power and launch it forward in a corkscrew motion to perform Eochaid’s Dancing Blade. As it whirls wildly, the Sword does harm incessantly. You may extend the range and duration of the spin by charging the attack.

The Regalia Of Eochaid is a weapon that prioritizes Dexterity over Strength. Thus, although it does less damage than a greatsword, it may be wielded more quickly and weighs far less. The same ability, Eochaid’s Dancing Blade, is included, allowing you to deliver continuous damage to a single foe in front of you but at a slower pace than the Marais Executioner’s Sword.

Obtaining the Eochaid Regalia

The Regalia of Eochaid may be obtained by traveling via Gaol Cave, close to the Limgrave–Caelid border’s southern boundary. After defeating the Frenzied Duelist at the cave’s conclusion, you’ll emerge onto a tiny outdoor section of Limgrave from the ground in front of a tombstone.

Alternatively, you may use Torrent to perform some extremely accurate leaps up the cliff from the Limgrave side, allowing you to access this place in a pretty cheesy unexpected way. Because so many individuals have already discovered this quick way, all you have to do to join them is follow the clues left behind by their messages.

Favorite Elden Ring Scaling Weapons

As you may be aware, the power of weapons in Elden Ring varies depending on some factors. The letter grade next to each character in a weapon’s inspection reflects the strength with which the weapon’s damage scales with that attribute, from S (the best) to E (the worst). Rarely will a weapon’s scaling reach S-levels in an attribute (outside of staves and seals), but when it does, it will scale better than any other weapon in the game. If you’re looking for a weapon that can scale to S in Elden Ring Interactive Map, I’ve listed them below, except staves and seals, which always start at S-Tier.

The Finest Elden Ring Scaling Weapons are Listed Here.

  • Brick Hammer
  • Gargoyle’s Great Axe
  • Gargoyle’s Halber
  • Giant-Crusher
  • Nightrider Glaive
  • Warped Axe
  • Watchdog’s Greatsword
  • Great Knife
  • Parrying Dagger
  • Urumi
  • Ripple Blad
  • Ripple Crescent Halberd

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