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Without Elden Ring map parts, your exploration of the Lands Between would reveal a barren landscape.  It’s crucial to be able to easily move about and return to previously visited regions if you want to finish all of the dungeons and find all of the hidden stone sword keys (opens on a new tab) locations in this massive game. Fortunately, if you gather map pieces, you can put together a complete picture of each area. Above the earth, pieces are marked with a convenient pillar, but below dig, they are most often found on the corpses of unknowing explorers.

If you’ve traveled near a map pillar and your map is blank, you’ll still be able to identify its symbol. This Elden Ring map shards guide will show you exactly where to look for every map in the game. You may use them at any point in the game; some are early, and others are late, but they will all aid navigation. As a visual aid, I’ve provided a full-screen image of the map at the page’s end.

Every Piece of the Elden Ring’s map

In the Lands Between, you may find 19 different pieces of a map. See below for specific locations:

West Landgrave

In the middle of the Gatehouse Ruins camp, beside the pillar with the writing, is where you’ll find the corpse. If you’d rather not fight past the hostile crowd here, you may use Torrent to sneak in and steal it.

East Limgrave

Follow the route south from the Third Church of Marika into the Mist wood. The pillar is located next to the road.

Weeping Peninsula

The route south from East Limgrave involves crossing the Bridge of Sacrifice. Along the way, you’ll come across a derelict conveyance, a troll, some dogs, and a trader, and then you’ll pass through a shattered wall and catch sight of a castle in the distance. A map pillar will be ahead of you on the right side of the road. The Ruin Golem has an archer, so be careful.


Follow the road to the east from the Rotview Tower Grace Site. You’ll also see the Caelem Ruins, the Smoldering Wall Site of Grace, and the Caelid Waypoint Ruins to the right before the Path swings back to the east. The map pillar is located at a crossroads after passing the dragon.

Dragon barrow

Travel east down the road from the Rotview Balcony Place of Joy in East Limgrave, past the wrecked caravan and the large dogs. Continue straight east through the other dogs on the right, and jump the ravine at its narrowest point.

Along the eastern Path lies the Map Pillar, and if you keep going, you’ll reach the Drago barrow West Site of Grace. There are also some massive dragons.

East Liurnia

To get to the Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace from the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace, you need to take the road that heads west, then north, past the army camp.

To reach the pillar on the right, which is surrounded by foes, go through the soggy route indicated by walls and lamps.

North Liurnia

Grace’s Town Site was uncovered near the Academy’s Gate. Start at the Site of Grace on the shores of Liurnia Lake and go northwest until you reach the buried gate town of the school on your right. A difficult journey with many dangerous adversaries awaits. You’ve gone too far west if you see three enormous lobster creatures gathered around a statue or if you come across the Fallen Ruins of the Lake Site of Grace; from there, go northeast to settle.

West Liurnia

Take the road that runs the length of West Liurnia to the north. You’ll go by the military camp, the caravan, and the Four Belfries up on the hill. After passing the North Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace and before reaching the ruins and Iji, you will see the map pillar on the left side of the road.

Altus Plateau

If you reach the plateau with a Dectus Medallion, you should follow the route that leads to the city walls. Proceed left at the fork in the road and keep walking until you reach the map pillar on the left. Travel past the shattered caravans and up Erdtree Gazing Hill to see the walls of Leyndell and the central plateau if you arrive in Altus through the Ruin-Strewn Precipice.

Mt. Gelmir

The major road running west from the Bridge of Iniquity Site of Grace abruptly ends, making this area one of the most difficult to traverse in the game. This implies that you’ll have to go across the mountains to reach the map pillar.

  • Walk the road westward until you see a ladder on the left side.
  • Climb it and continue west to the military camp with the fortification tower.
  • You can reach the next cliff by jumping from the pumpkin head at the end, which has a rocky outcrop behind it.
  • Be wary of the Grafted Scion that drops from above, and use the ladder behind it to quickly ascend.

Proceed to the top, keeping an eye out for the marionette foes, and enter the army camp there.

To reach the Site of Grace, leave the camp and go over the rope bridge. Jump to the boss crater with the help of the Spirit Spring, turn west onto the rocky outcrop, and then leap over the chasm. Continue down until you reach the map pillar and the Site of Grace on the Road of Iniquity, but beware of the enormous hand monster.

Leyndell, Royal Capital

A Site of Grace, a gold sapling, and a guide pillar may be found to the side of the stairs leading up into the city, beyond the two Tree Sentinels.

Siofra River

The Siofra River Bank Site of Grace may be reached by continuing from the Siofra River Well in the Mist Wood, which provides access to the underground passageway, and climbing the lift after passing the large crab. A corpse may be slumped beside the Hallowhorn Grounds’ stairs if you go eastward. This is the one with the map.

Deeproot Depths

Follow the Path northeast from the Site of Grace in the Deeproot Depths. A body recovered inside has the map piece.

Mohgwyn Palace

  • It’s a short sprint down the hill on the right from the Palace Approach Grace.
  • Walk/run down the left side of the water (whatever it is) until you reach the exit.
  • That way leads to some ruins with a shattered statue.
  • If you climb those steps, you’ll find a corpse with the map in its hand.
  • Alternately, if you are on the Varre quest (which opens in a new tab), the fragmented corpse will be on your right after you teleport there.

Ainsel River

Take the tube down from the Ainsel River Main Grace, and you’ll find yourself in an expansive cavern adorned with sculptures. Proceed along the right corridor until you reach the next Grace (which you should touch first), and then exit via the door on the right and get on an elevator. When you exit the elevator, go straight through the building until you reach a large, open room.

A star beast that throws rocks awaits you here. Your mission is to time your way into the chamber below it. The merchant inside is slouched down close to the map.

Lake of Rot

The large lake of Scarlet Rot will be a telltale sign that you’ve reached the Lake of Rot. The corpse and map piece may be found on the beach near the doorway. Upstream from Nokstella on the Ainsel River is the only route to this region. You can only access this area by completing the Ranni quest (which opens in a new tab) or entering the coffin by the waterfall in the Deeproot Depths.

West Mountaintops of the Giants

The map pillar is located a little distance down the track from where the Grand Lift of Rold emerges on the right side of the road.

East Mountaintops of the Giants

The Giants’ Gravepost Site of Grace and the pillar may be found by following Whiteridge Road south past the fort and over the chain bridge. This section of the map also shows the location of Crumbling Farum Azula.

Consecrated Snowfield

After using the Secrets Haligtree Medallion (opens on a new page) and exiting the Haligtree dungeon through the Secret Path, continue down the Path shown on the map while dodging snow blizzards. You’ll ultimately emerge from the snow and locate the map pillar by a frozen river, close to where Anastasia, Tarnished Eater, invades for the last time. The Haligtree may also be seen on this piece of the map.

How Big is Elden Ring Map

The map of Elden Ring is enormous, spanning over 13 distinct areas and including 19 individual map pieces. Truly, the Lands Between has everything from towns on the water to mansions under the earth.

Elden Ring Interactive Map

One of the most talked-about aspects of Elden Ring Interactive Map after its introduction was the massive scale of its map. The Places Between has various locations, dungeons, overworld boss fights, and sentient pots to explore. Limgrave’s prologue can keep gamers lost for hours. Map genie’s interactive map (opens in a new tab) may include spoilers before you’ve watched most of the content. If you haven’t stopped in a while and don’t want to clean, find the nearest Site of Grace.

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